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Advanced Tree Felling Techniques

Nov 27, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Most homeowners who care about their garden’s aesthetic value plant trees. Trees can produce aesthetically pleasing and colorful flowering leaves, which may awe onlookers. Hedge trees are great for marking boundaries and adding a sense of safety to your property.

But, there are circumstances in which trees pose risks to the security of your home and the surrounding area. Strong winds and storms, as well as car accidents, can cause them to topple down. Because of the potential for accidents and property damage, safe tree felling is essential.

Tree Felling Techniques

No one must be hurt during the tree-cutting process. That is why skillful methods are so crucial to master. But, fellers may also need to be familiar with more complex tree-felling procedures, depending on the situation’s specifics and surrounding environment. Several examples are as follows:

Bore Cut

The bore cut can be used to avoid the barber chair. A chainsaw makes a diagonal cut through the trunk’s middle. The tree’s back trunk section would be preserved better in this manner, allowing it to stand more securely.

A reminder that while making a bore cut, the saw should be led from below, with the bottom of the bar tip. As soon as the wood hides the saw’s bar tip, you should turn it and plunge it into the tree.

Tree Driving

Driving a tree truck does two tasks at once. It’s like felling one forest to make way for another. If the second tree had fallen and become entangled in the first one’s limbs, both trees would need to be cut down to a lower level.

The driving tree needs to be massive enough to topple the target tree. It is preferable if it has a natural lean that will cause the other trees to topple appropriately. But remember that since multiple trees will need to be cut down, fellers will need to take extra precautions and plan.

Felling Aids

Felling aids ensure trees fall safely and securely once a regular notch and back cut has been made. Metal breaking bars can be slid into the back cut to provide additional leverage for felling the tree in the desired direction. Additionally, wedges positioned in the rear cut can support the tree and prevent it from collapsing. Finally, a sledgehammer can safely bring down a tree if you aim it in the appropriate direction.

Piece-By-Piece Removal

Whether it’s a home or a business, a tree is always taken down in sections by experts. After securing the tree’s main trunk with a crane, the tree cutters can move on to the smaller branches and trunks. This way, they won’t have to worry about damaging property or injuring bystanders.

Back Pulling

A winch mechanism is used to move a tree backward against its lean. That allows falling trees to steer clear of structures and utility lines. To top it all off, it puts the tree in a more optimal position for cutting. Experts raise the winch as safely as possible to maximize their ability to direct the fall.


Tree felling entails bringing down trees by use of physical means. Keep in mind that it’s not as simple as it looks. It’s impossible to complete the task without risking personal injury or damaging property if suitable preparation and procedures aren’t used. But just knowing the basics is not enough. To remove trees safely and effectively, professionals should train in modern tree-felling techniques.

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