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How Much Does Big Tree removal Cost

Nov 27, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

No ordinary person can remove a large tree from their property without risking injury. It would help if you didn’t try to do something like this alone. That it will cost a lot is something you should know upfront. Cost estimates are arrived at after considering a wide range of variables.

When dealing with really tall trees, the cost can quickly add up if the crew needs to climb to great heights and lower the tree in sections via rope. For such high-quality assistance, you should budget at least $1,500. It could be beneficial to inquire about receiving a few little bonuses without increasing costs, but not all businesses are ready to do this. Let’s look at a few of the variables that can push up or down the price of cutting down a big tree.

Emergency Tree Removal

Additional factors increase the inherent danger and cost of emergency tree removal services compared to routine maintenance. When a tree falls in an unsafe location, such as a pedestrian thoroughfare, a power line, or your roof, it must be removed immediately to prevent further damage.

A tree service may need to employ ropes and pulleys to get to the top of a very tall tree, which raises both the difficulty and the risk level of the job. The use of a crane is an added expense for tree removal services. In most cases, the price to have a huge tree removed in an emergency is between $2,560 and $4,040.

Fallen Tree Removal

If a tree has already fallen, as could happen after a severe storm, the tree service can avoid the hassle and potential danger of cutting it down. Once the tree has been cut down to the ground, most of the risk associated with the process has been eliminated, and your tree service can dispose of the waste in a wood chipper. The average cost to remove a fallen tree is between $100 and $600.

Tree Condition

Average costs can fluctuate depending on the tree’s current state of disrepair. Dead trees are often hollowed down and much lighter than healthy trees, making them far more cost-effective to remove.

It can be more cost-effective to remove diseased trees due to their reduced strength and supple bark. Sometimes it is more difficult and costly to eradicate them because they are far from healthy trees that could be infected if they were cut down.

You can consult with an arborist to find out whether the removal of a diseased or dead tree would cost more than that of a healthy tree of the same species.

Stump Grinding

There will still be a stump after a tree has been cut down. It takes time for stumps to decompose naturally. New shoots could emerge from the stump during that time.

As a result, grinding the stump down is frequently included in tree removal. The typical price of stump grinding is $300 to $400. Using a specialized stump-grinding instrument with rotating blades, the stump is ground down to a depth of around 6 inches.


The process of cutting down a sizable tree is intricate. The average height of a mature tree is 60 – 80 feet. To safely remove them, it may be necessary to use heavy machinery. It’s more expensive to remove large trees because of the extra care needed if they’re infested or sick. When removing or cutting down a tree, it is best to hire a professional service. They have everything they need to safely and efficiently chop down and remove enormous trees, including the necessary machinery, permits, insurance, and expertise.

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