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How Much Does The Tree Removal Cost Per Foot?

Nov 27, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Trees are beautiful, but an overgrown one or one whose roots threaten your home could become a nuisance. Roots can damage sidewalks and driveways, and underground pipelines might burst. Damage to a home could result from overgrown limbs. Sometimes, however, trees fall during storms and need to be removed. The topic of how much it will cost to remove a tree from the yard is a common one for homeowners to ponder. Prices range from $8 for smaller trees to $15 for more giant trees per foot due to the increased effort and safety measures needed for the latter.

Cost Considerations for Cutting Down a Tree


One of the most critical factors determining a tree’s cost is its height. The typical cost to remove a small standing tree, such as dogwood or cherry, is between $7 and $9 per foot. Remove a medium-sized tree, such as a crabapple, which may reach heights of 30 to 60 feet, and expect to pay $15 to $20 per foot.

Removing a large tree, such as a stalwart oak or a towering pine that reaches heights of 60 to 100 feet, will almost always cost more than cutting down a smaller tree. Depending on the kind and accessibility of the tree, the cost to have it cut down averages between $7 and $20.


The price of tree removal might vary by as much as half depending on factors such as the tree’s location and level of accessibility. If any vast branches are growing over the house, they should be lowered by rope instead of dropped to protect the structure. Costs to remove a tree will undoubtedly increase if it is situated in a restricted area between a fence and a building.

Tree Species

A tree’s removal may be more difficult if it has a complex branch structure. A person’s weight would be too much for a tall, thin tree like an aspen, so special equipment is required to climb to the summit securely. Clearing a forest of pine trees, for example, can be an uphill task because of the trees’ size and density.


As with many other aspects of tree removal, the tree’s diameter is a significant determinant of the total price. The circumference is calculated at 4.5 ft or chest level. After being chopped down, trees with thicker trunks must be sawed up into manageable chunks. It might take more time to fell a short, wide tree than a tall, thin one.


The removal of diseased or rotten trees, or those that are otherwise in poor condition, may necessitate extra precautions. The tree can be propped up with supports so that it doesn’t topple over during the cutting process, and if the tree is too tall to climb securely, a ladder or electric lift may be necessary. When removing a tree, more care must be taken if it has several trunks, weak branches, or cavities.

Geographic Location

A licensed arborist can tell you if the tree you want to be removed is a rare or endangered species. There will be an increase in price relative to the national average in urban regions with a higher cost of living. At the same time, residents in rural or outlying areas may be charged more to cover transportation costs.

Stump Removal

Stump removal services, which involve grinding the stump down and killing the roots, come at an extra cost to homeowners. Typically, you should expect to pay between $150 and $500 for this. The price varies depending on factors such as the stump’s age, size, and location.


Trees are both pleasing and functional, as they help clean the air and attract various exciting and attractive animals. They add more than just emotional and visual value; they also raise the value of your home. But, they can be dangerous at times and cause damage to buildings or harm to persons walking nearby. When a tree dies, is damaged in a storm, or leans in an undesirable direction, it may be time to remove it before it causes significant structural damage. Hiring a professional tree removal service guarantees risk-free and effective tree removal.

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