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Never Do This When Cutting Down A Tree

Nov 27, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

It’s not a coincidence that trees populate most cityscapes; they’re essential for many reasons. Trees are helpful because they produce shade, oxygen, food (in the form of fruit or nuts), and a beautiful autumn show of color. Even though trees are an excellent addition to any landscape, it is essential to remember that trees might experience problems that may require them to be removed from a home or business.

The most popular and efficient method of tree removal is just to cut it down when problems arise. Cutting down a tree may look simple in a video or on TV. Still, it requires a lot of preparation, the necessary tools, and the expertise of a professional to get the task done safely and efficiently. Look at the things you should never do when cutting down a tree.

Don’t Forget Your Safety Gear

When misused, a chainsaw can cause severe injury or death. That’s why you must bring along the proper protective equipment. That necessitates the use of chainsaw pants designed to deflect the blade away from the wearer’s legs in the case of an accident. Next, protect your eyes with goggles and a good helmet. Also, a long-sleeve shirt, ideally made with chainsaws, and cut-resistant steel-toed boots are mandatory attire.

Don’t Work Solo

If you have a reliable helper standing behind you, they can keep an eye on the tree’s crown for falling limbs and alert you to impending danger. To be notified that it is time to leave, have your helper tap you on the arm with a stick.

Don’t Try Cutting Down a Rotten Tree

Let the experts handle the dead trees. There is a high chance of the felling going in any direction if the tree’s core has rotted away. In addition, it probably has a lot of dead branches up high that may fall on you if the tree were to shake while you chop it down.

Don’t Just Chop Down A Tree Without Knowing What You’re Doing

Before beginning the job, you should look at the tree and its surroundings. Giant trees pose a significant threat to nearby buildings due to their weight and potential for catastrophic damage if they fall. Homes, vehicles, garages, walls, electricity wires, and other trees are all fair game.

Remember that if the tree you’re cutting falls in an unexpected direction, it could cause severe damage or even destruction to nearby buildings, no matter how carefully you plan your tree-trimming efforts. Because of this, it is crucial to inspect the tree for any natural leans that could affect the tree’s eventual fall direction.

Don’t Forget Your Means of Evacuation

Plan your escape route ahead of time to reduce the risk of severe harm or death. As the tree topples, it is essential to stay away from the trunk and any large branches that may break off. Taking a steep path away from the direction of the fall is the safest bet. Also, it is advisable to remove any debris, fallen branches, or stones that may lie in your escape route.


Preparation and precision are essential for a successful tree felling. Unfortunately, sloppy implementation can ruin even the best-laid ideas. When cutting down trees, you should never guess what will happen, and you should always be prepared for the worst.

Ignoring safety precautions, failing to account for nearby objects, making do with inadequate tools, or failing to plot an escape route before the tree topples are all examples of carelessness.

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